Questions of the Year!

  • Is my teacher a man or a woman?
  • Do dogs have feelings or attachment issues?
  • Is Jim Carrey a comedian or just naturally goofy?
  • Is BGC a good show for women and teens?
  • Does a bird mate with just one partner? (question from a friend)
  • Can a person really have conjoined triplets?
  • How does Obama stand on a stage for hours without sweating?
  • Can I fly if I put on a Spiderman costume with built-in armpit flaps?
  • Will I ever stop staring curiously at that one dude in the back of the classroom with the “thick future” glasses?
  • Will my lunch ever taste good at school?
  • Can a teacher really teach how to teach to a kid wanting to teach the class how to teach the class because he/she can’t?
  • Do bathrooms really get cleaned?
  • Will cars stop at a red light just because there is a pedestrian?
  • How do you keep awake when an adult is conversing with you?
  • Does anyone really keep awake when an adult is talking to you?
  • Am I curious about everything or just dumb and trying to find things to make me seem…

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