A Memorial Poem

I thought I saw a ghost lingering above a grave,

Eyes glazed arms outspread waiting for its time,

A light shines from a distant ship on it held sharply dressed men,

They stood in formation arms pivoted till fingers touched their heads,

And one by one a head turned to my direction in which I smiled because I remembered the faces,

The faces of courage, honour, and pride for their homeland,

The ghost lingered more so now towards the direction of the boat,

It moaned and groaned as it raised its arm in a final salute to his brethren,

A horn blared as if they saw what I saw a ghost wearing his own battle uniform,

Saluting a farewell a final goodbye,

The ghost turned the eyes finally settling on me,

With a fading smile and a slight wink it again raised its arm to salute me,

I smiled back and raised my arm in honor of the fallen hero,

He faded more and more as the sun began to rise and the ships of war began to settle back into the mist,

I climbed a rock no a boulder and stood before a vast sea,

A sea that held honor, pride, and courage on vessels,

That held many men who were saying hello of final goodbyes,

I rasied my arm stood straight as pole and saluted the brave men for their victory and for their return.

In a way I said hello as another who floated god like said goodbye.

_Ebony Freeman (for Memorial Day)


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