“Hi my name is E**** F******* and I am a hoarder”. “There is shame…”

Ha jus kiddn I always wanted to say that to someone after watching A Haunted House.

I honestly feel a little like a hoarder bcuz I don’t like throwing things away but mess is mess.

Like I get that feeling like someone is watching me as I throw wrappers away…

Weird but true so im jus like hovering over a trash can like “Should I put it in, no, yes, mmmm its trash but its my trash” 🙂

Gooooood my life, jus dang its messed up sometimes like I don’t even know where to begin.

Imma piece out now but should I delete this post when I’m done or no but its my post I made it why should I have to toss it I mean its like my baby now I have to keep it and watch over it….

HaHaHa im kiddn again seriously im not going to delete (not for hoarding purposes jus so u know).



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