Global Destruction is it just Nature’s Fault or Ours To

Why do I feel like the whole world is going to the gutter?

Planes are either going missing or crashing.

There are so many earthquakes in California (they do sit on multiple tectonic plates though).

Everyday you hear on the news there’s another car crash, rape, murder, robbery, kidnapping and I can keep going but it would be a waste of time.

I feel like we no political enforcers are corrupting our minds and workforces.

We are either paying taxes to fix what they should fix or donating to charities they encourage us to fund but they won’t?

Everything is just been so weird these past few months from corrupt cops (Zimmerman) to corrupt officials (guy who shut down a bridge).

On top of that I just watched 2012, and im actually scared global warming and earth’s need for support is going to be the end of us.

Am I the only one noticing the world’s falling to crap?



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