It Can Wait Can’t It?

3 more days until Christmas I am so excited!

Everyone around me is getting presents early which is a shame.

I say this because Christmas is in 3 days and why or who can’t wait that long?

I do know some people get there stuff early but it’s killin the Christmas vibe.

Wait till the right day to give it does not take that long now.

Although I would not mind an early Christmas present….

Still I can wait, I think I don’t know my mind is now changing.

Cause if you get a present now you don’t have to wait to use it but..

On the other hand it ruins the whole “You have to wait 3 more days thing”.

I don’t know I take everything is said back I want an early present now.

Then again I take Part of it back not all of it.

I think I made a point somewhere, I jus confused myself…?


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