Random Stuf

OMG it’s almost Christmas Scream and Shout.

Do not actually do this unless you are alone or absolutely sure you do not mind embarrassing yourself in front of people.

Now back to the subject of what I was going to talk about….

Oh it just popped up Korean people are the topic of the day (I feel like I worded that wrong).

Korean people are the best, they can sing even though us Americans can’t tell what the heck they are saying.

Uh, they are not ugly especially the boys with their long hair and ponytails.

Basically I am going off what I see in the animations I watch but I have seen some Korean shows.

For example…Psy, it is a music band but I have seen the singers off stage.

Plus Gangam Style was one of the best hip songs ever (to me).

I have always dreamed of going to China, Japan, and Korea just to explore the countless animations they have there.

I make comic characters that are similar to my favorite show Inuyahsha, B Gata H Kei and so on.

Overaal, anime is amazing and I do not want to drone on about what I draw so…yeah anyways.

In history America expanded rapidly, but tore down economies while expanding.

Among some of those territories were China, Japan, and Korea these territories fought hard though (that’s why we still have problems with them today you just never hear about them).

Still I love Koreans and Korea, their awesome! 🙂



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