Trick or Treating

It is almost time for Halloween and I can not wait for that night to come.

I plan on running around the whole neighborhood dressed as an adult musketeer, going door to door and getting free candy.

Honestly, if anyone says they do not like Halloween I will just be like “Who do you think you are hating on Halloween man?”

I mean who does not like free candy minus the sometimes evident poison, and you can stay up half the night partying with candy corn and pumpkin streamers.

Maybe I can not see the bright light saying “Hey, you know you can be poisoned or kidnapped right?”

I sort of look past that I mean I would not care if I was kidnapped because, the whole time that I am in captivity I would be raising h*** until they set me free.

But I would not want to be taken by a wrinkly, old, stubborn, ill tempered, foul smelling Sandusky looking geezer. If I was taken by someone like that then my brain would just be like “Oh well kick rocks, you should have cared a little more where you were going.”

Anyways to everyone out there have a Happy Halloween!




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