I have no idea what is going on these days with kids and bullying.

It is almost like every single day some teenager, has to show how bad they are by picking on a helpless kid.

We have all seen movies, where at least one kid gets called a nerd for being smart and doing what they have to do for a good education.

I am just going to say that no one should be called a nerd for being smart, in fact they should not even be referenced to the word nerd, they should go by the nickname Einstein, Genius, Wiz, Science Major or etc.

My point is bullying is getting out of hand, and many young adults are finding ways to hurt or even kill themselves to feel better, or relieved of stress.

I believe “higher powers” should make laws or at least some type of punishment for people who bully others and feel good about because, some other jerk is cheering them on.

#Stop Bullying




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