Tigger Bites

Today was an awesome day of doing nothing, but drawing and watching TV.

After getting stinging eye sockets from staring at bright lights, I decided to go and get on my virus free computer.

As I was browsing through websites, I came across an interesting article about a woman who stuck her hand in a Tiger’s Cage!

I thought that was pretty interesting so I looked it up, and it turned out the woman was a zoo keeper.

Apparently, when she stuck her hand in the tiger’s cage it bit her and made computer worthy news (Boo -__-).

The act was really stupid from my point of view, but the lady must have had guts to even contemplate putting her hand in a living tiger’s cage.

So props to her for that but a word of advice from me is “To never do it again, before you lose a limb sista”!


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