I Love Dragonz

Dragons are the most famous mythical beasts’ of all time.
I love to sketch and read about them because their stories are so amazing!
 Most of the time that I go to the library I sit in the little teen reading rooms and stay there for long periods of time with my eyes glued to the book on them.
Of course eventually I do get up and by then I have been inspired to draw a dragon.
Every few weeks I am going to post one of my latest drawings and your feedback is vital to me.
I need to know if my drawings are worthy of being given away to certain places, that pay you for your drawings (of course I am going to keep a copy though).
So when I do post a picture please be honest, and tell me the truth and nothing but the truth!
dragon photo: dragon BlackDragon-1.jpg

Bet U Can’t Beat This Guy in a Staring Contest


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